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The Registered Nurse Salary Ground Rules

A RN salary is a very good living for many nurses. There is a reason why nurses get paid so well. They have a lot of serious responsibilities that they need to do a good job with. The single most important thing about being a nurse is caring wholeheartedly and professionally for all the patients left in their care.

Rigorous rules are in place in every state for becoming a registered nurse and for nursing as a profession. It is imperative that proper training and education are applied in order to mold a great nurse. Other more personal traits are advised as well such as being very detail oriented, organization skills, a sympathetic ear and a heart to help others. With out the whole combination, it is hard to make a good nurse. A good nurse must also be able to act quickly and appropriately in emergency situations and be able to handle a lot of responsibility.

The nursing profession has grown to be the largest profession in the whole health care sector. Since 2008, there are 2.6 million nurses and counting. Nurses play an important part in the medical industry. There is a real growing need for more registered nurses throughout the whole country. With the baby boomers reaching retirement age, more of them are going to be in need of health care services as they continue to age which will need the nurses to help provide the care. This is not rocket science just common sense. If you have a heart to care for others then get the training you need there is a career waiting for you.

Employment for nurses is expected to continue to grow by twenty two percent continually for the next eight to ten years. That translates into roughly 518,000 more RN's that will be needed by the year 2018. This is good news for a struggling economy and unemployment raging out of control. Those willing to dedicated themselves to this very important work and get the training they need will do well in this industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the ten percent least paid nurses made around 43,000. One the flip side the top ten percent greatest paid nurses brought home a whopping 93,000 plus. Most nurses work within the hospital surgical and general medical fields. These nurses salaries fall in the middle with take home pay at 67,000 per year.

The next largest amount of nurses work for doctors in their offices and earn roughly the same 67,000 a year. Home Health registered nurses earn a little less at 63,000 per year. In an actual nursing home, a nurses salary comes in even lower, at 59,000 per year. In comparison outpatient service nurses earn around 65,000.

These numbers are good earnings yet there are still other industries within the medical field that pay even better salaries. The medical equipment and supplies area of the industry is the highest paying with their yearly wages clocking in at 77,800. The Federal Executive Branch pays out similar salaries at 77,800 a year, respectively.

Even as hiring continues across the country, there will carry forward a need for more registered nurses to care for our citizens. There are places in this country that are still in need of skilled RN's. Planning for tomorrow's future now by getting proper training will prove beneficial. Those special people who have the dedication and heart for this industry are in a unique place to prosper from the nursing boom.

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