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Become A Head Nurse With A Nursing Masters Online

Nurses have one of the more stable professions in today's bad economy and high unemployment rate which makes it a great career choice for someone that enjoys the challenges that the field can present on a daily basis. However, when you have a good day it is a great day, making up for the not so good days of the past! Still, advancing in your degree is always a wise move and now nurses can earn their master's degree completely online! This is especially great for the busy nurse that also has a family at home and needs to have some flexibility in the other parts of her life. Read about master nursing online to see how you can get into your desired profession.

Due to the demand that nurses continue their education, many schools are now offering a way for the two-year RN to skip the step of getting a bachelor's degree and going directly into a master's degree program. Through this, the length of time until graduation is reduced considerably.

For many nurses, that have been in the field for an extended period of time prior to the existence of the internet, memories of complicated enrollment and unavailable classes remain part of their past. Now you can start when you want and basically finish when you want! It is up to you and which program you choose that will fit into your schedule. Take advantage of online information about online degree to help you achieve your goals.

Unfortunately, there are less than reputable institutions that will promise you a master's degree that appears to be too easy or that you can earn in 6 weeks! Stay away from anything that just doesn't sound right, these are most probably "diploma mills" that for many states are considered a felony if used to obtain employment. Stick to accredited programs similar to those that you researched for your RN license.

Another thing that you must decide is what you would like to get your master's degree in. It could be as a Nurse Educator, Nurse Anesthetist or as a Nurse Practitioner. The main point is that you choose an area of interest that will continue to be rewarding and stimulating.

Once you have chosen your specialty field, passed the GRE (Graduate Requisite Exam), and enrolled into an online degree program that is a perfect fit for your educational goals, you will be ready to start your online classes. Now that you are specializing your courses will be completely related to the area that you have chosen, plus you will not be required to do any clinical.

There is one exception to the rule of "no clinical required" and that is if you have chosen to become a nurse practitioner. Most degree plans do have an internship attached to this degree program so that you will gain the necessary hands-on training. This is because nurse practitioners work independently under an "umbrella" of a physician's license, but are allowed to prescribe medications other than narcotics and see their own patients.

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