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Nursing Schools In Washington State: Scholarships Offered For Graduate Level Nursing Studies

Currently, there is a great need for Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of Washington. This demand for skilled people might be a career opportunity to investigate. The first thing to do is learn what the requirements are to achieve CNA certification or nursing schools in Washington State. The necessity for competent personnel is very high in long term care, in home health care services, and in nursing homes. These places present terrific beginning level jobs for the new CNA to begin a career. The desperate need for trained professionals in this field indicates continued job opportunities.

Around the world and even in America huge number of colleges and schools have come up with training programs to get a CNA certification. If we talk about America, almost every state is having training facilities for nursing assistant. But why opt for an average school when we have an idea about the top 10 CNA schools in the US. As per their ratings derived on the basis of quality of teaching, infrastructure, facilities and chances of getting job on campus, we have a list of 10 top CNA training schools in the US.

They are: University of Washington: Located in Seattle, the school offers best nursing program. As per the US News and world report since 1984, the school has been rated number 1. Graduate, Bachelor's, masters and doctorate programs are offered in Nursing, Nursing Practice and Philosophy in Nursing Science. They use advanced technology to impart quality education.

Additional Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation awards are to be provided through what's known as Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner United Primary Care Outcomes Research awards. This $3,500 award, supported through a grant from Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners United of Washington State), is to be provided to a working nurse practitioner or nursing schools in Washington State. The award is intended to help the recipient carry out a two-year research project related to how primary care provided by by nurse practitioners or nurse midwives affects patients.

John Hopkins University: The nursing school at John Hopkins University located in Baltimore is the oldest school in nursing program. It offers programs like Certification in Health Systems and Outcomes, Acute and Chronic Care and Community-Public Health. University of Michigan: The nursing school in university of Michigan located at An Arbor offers programs in 3 different divisions like Division of Acute-Critical and Long-Term Care Programs, Division of Health and Risk-Reduction Programs, Division of Nursing Business and Health Systems Programs. University of North Carolina: The school of nursing at university of North Carolina is located at Chapel Hill. It imparts nursing education both practically and theoretically. The school offers Bachelor's, masters and doctoral programs in Family Nurse Practitioner, Women's Health and Pediatric Nurse.

Oregon Health and Science University: Located at Jackson Park, Portland, the nursing school at Oregon Health and Science University, imparts knowledge to care patients along with critical thinking skills. The courses offered are Degree in Midwifery, Public Health, Family Practice and Gerontology. University of Illinois: Located in Chicago, the school of nursing at University of Illinois is known as nation's largest medical school. The programs offered are degree in health systems science, behavioral science and family health science. University of Maryland: The nursing school in the University of Maryland is located at Baltimore. Each year more than 1700 students enroll in the school. It offers research oriented programs in the field of Oncology, Anesthesia, Trauma Care and Clinical Research Management. University of Pittsburgh: The nursing school at University of Pittsburg is imparting nursing education since 1939. On an average 94% of the students pass their exams in first trial. The programs offered are in the field of nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist and nurse of anesthesia.

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