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Registered Nurse Schools:Registered Nurse Schools in California: Entrance to a Job That's Always in Demand

Because there are so many countries that are looking for health care professionals and registered nurses, the number of nurse schools also flourished today. Nursing schools today are more like mushrooms sprouting every year.

Advanced practice registered nurses include clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and nurse anesthetists. Where nurse practitioners might prescribe medication, and diagnose and treat common minor illnesses and injuries, they also serve at the forefront of primary and preventive healthcare services. Clinical nurse specialists might handle physical and mental health problems and work in consultation with physicians, as well as research, education and administration in their facility, the American Nurses Association notes. Certified nurse-midwives typically work in gynecological and low-risk obstetrical care, helping deliver babies in hospitals, birth centers, and private residences. Certified registered nurse anesthetists, the oldest of advanced practice nurses, administer the majority of anesthetics given to patients each year, according to the American Nurses Association.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that technological advances in patient care, a rising increase in patient care, and growing numbers of older people are to fuel fast employment growth for registered nurses overall. Registered nurses with at least a bachelors degree are to have better job prospects than those without, and advanced practice registered nurses are to be in high demand - especially in inner cities, rural areas and other medical care challenged communities, the Labor Bureau notes.

Accelerated and online degree components in nursing and advanced practice specialties might make it easier for professionals to further their education without too much employment interruption. There are also many scholarships and grants to help pay the tuition associated with campus and online college and university courses. Job security, as well as attractive salaries, could provide the payoff. Registered nurses, depending on where they live and work, might make $47,000 to $67,000 a year, including overtime, bonuses and profit sharing, according to The average annual salaries for nurse practitioners: About $70,000 to $92,000, information shows.

Introduction to sociology, Public speaking, Advanced English composition, Chemistry and lab, Statistics, Introduction to psychology, Microbiology, Human anatomy and lab. If you're a resident of California, tuition for this nursing program is free, however individuals are going to be expected to pay the necessary fees. These fees may include textbooks, uniforms and lab fees. Therefore, the nursing program at CSU will cost residents around $26,000 for the 3 year degree program. CSU - Fresno

California State University at Fresno is another of the top ranked registered nurse schools in California. The Bachelor's degree in this program requires six semesters to complete. Since the amount of interested applicants outnumber the available spots, California State University Fresno requires a minimum GPA of 3.0, although spaces go to people that have the highest GPA's or who've served in the military in the past four years. Applicants also need to complete the TEAS test with a 75 percent and up in order to be allowed entry.

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