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Become A Head Nurse With A Nursing Masters Online

Nurses have one of the more stable professions in today's bad economy and high unemployment rate which makes it a great career choice for someone that enjoys the challenges that the field can present on a daily basis. However, when you have a good day it is a great day, making up for the not so good days of the past! Still, advancing in your degree is always a wise move and now nurses can earn their master's degree completely online! This is especially great for the busy nurse that also has a family at home and needs to have some flexibility in the other parts of her life. Read about master nursing online to see how you can get into your desired profession.

Due to the demand that nurses continue their education, many schools are now offering a way for the two-year RN to skip the step of getting a bachelor's degree and going directly into a master's degree program. Through this, the length of time until graduation is reduced considerably.

For many nurses, that have been in the field for an extended period of time prior to the existence of the internet, memories of complicated enrollment and unavailable classes remain part of their past. Now you can start when you want and basically finish when you want! It is up to you and which program you choose that will fit into your schedule. Take advantage of online information about online degree to help you achieve your goals.

Unfortunately, there are less than reputable institutions that will promise you a master's degree that appears to be too easy or that you can earn in 6 weeks! Stay away from anything that just doesn't sound right, these are most probably "diploma mills" that for many states are considered a felony if used to obtain employment. Stick to accredited programs similar to those that you researched for your RN license.

Another thing that you must decide is what you would like to get your master's degree in. It could be as a Nurse Educator, Nurse Anesthetist or as a Nurse Practitioner. The main point is that you choose an area of interest that will continue to be rewarding and stimulating.

Once you have chosen your specialty field, passed the GRE (Graduate Requisite Exam), and enrolled into an online degree program that is a perfect fit for your educational goals, you will be ready to start your online classes. Now that you are specializing your courses will be completely related to the area that you have chosen, plus you will not be required to do any clinical.

There is one exception to the rule of "no clinical required" and that is if you have chosen to become a nurse practitioner. Most degree plans do have an internship attached to this degree program so that you will gain the necessary hands-on training. This is because nurse practitioners work independently under an "umbrella" of a physician's license, but are allowed to prescribe medications other than narcotics and see their own patients.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Description

A CDC report states that about 996,000 individuals suffer from some form of mental illness in the United States of America, in a given year. The report also mentions that a whopping 25% of adults in the country suffer from a mental disorder (That is about 1 in 4 adults). Mental health nursing helps the individual fix the mental disorder and in a way contribute to the betterment of the society and the country's economy.

School Nurse -School nursing is a wonderful chance to make a positive difference in the lives of children. It is a specialized nursing practice that is geared on advancing the well-being of students. A school nurse looks after the well-being and life-long achievements of students by promoting normal development, ensuring health and safety, giving proper care to avoid potential and remedy actual health problems, and providing good nutrition advice.

The other problem mental health nurses face is that they do not normally know the severity of the illness. This makes it very tough for the nurse to subscribe to a set treatment process. Typically, a person with severe mental illness symptoms would need a more rigorous course of treatment than individuals with less severe symptoms.

Mental health nursing indeed seems to be the best cure for people with diagnosable mental illnesses, but the question is how many of them actually receive this treatment? In a survey done on 3,000 participants by National Institute of Medical Health (NIMH), it was found that only 50% of children in the age group of 8-15 received treatment for their mental illnesses. The symptoms of these illnesses grew with the children as they progressed with age, only for them to find out about the disorder when they symptoms appeared more severe.

Statistically, an increase in cases of drug and alcohol addiction with young individuals and adolescents has thrown a spike on the mental illness graph. Youngsters addicted to these substances face severe withdrawal symptoms when they are forced to get out of these habits, resulting in them suffering from some kind of mental illness.

It is mandatory to have a license to work as a nurse form state in which you have to work as clinical nurse specialist. Clinical nurse specialist job description is very detailed and she has to shoulder many responsibilities in her career job. A career as a CNS promises bright career opportunities for aspiring fellows.

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Registered Nurse Schools:Registered Nurse Schools in California: Entrance to a Job That's Always in Demand

Because there are so many countries that are looking for health care professionals and registered nurses, the number of nurse schools also flourished today. Nursing schools today are more like mushrooms sprouting every year.

Advanced practice registered nurses include clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and nurse anesthetists. Where nurse practitioners might prescribe medication, and diagnose and treat common minor illnesses and injuries, they also serve at the forefront of primary and preventive healthcare services. Clinical nurse specialists might handle physical and mental health problems and work in consultation with physicians, as well as research, education and administration in their facility, the American Nurses Association notes. Certified nurse-midwives typically work in gynecological and low-risk obstetrical care, helping deliver babies in hospitals, birth centers, and private residences. Certified registered nurse anesthetists, the oldest of advanced practice nurses, administer the majority of anesthetics given to patients each year, according to the American Nurses Association.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that technological advances in patient care, a rising increase in patient care, and growing numbers of older people are to fuel fast employment growth for registered nurses overall. Registered nurses with at least a bachelors degree are to have better job prospects than those without, and advanced practice registered nurses are to be in high demand - especially in inner cities, rural areas and other medical care challenged communities, the Labor Bureau notes.

Accelerated and online degree components in nursing and advanced practice specialties might make it easier for professionals to further their education without too much employment interruption. There are also many scholarships and grants to help pay the tuition associated with campus and online college and university courses. Job security, as well as attractive salaries, could provide the payoff. Registered nurses, depending on where they live and work, might make $47,000 to $67,000 a year, including overtime, bonuses and profit sharing, according to PayScale.com. The average annual salaries for nurse practitioners: About $70,000 to $92,000, PayScale.com information shows.

Introduction to sociology, Public speaking, Advanced English composition, Chemistry and lab, Statistics, Introduction to psychology, Microbiology, Human anatomy and lab. If you're a resident of California, tuition for this nursing program is free, however individuals are going to be expected to pay the necessary fees. These fees may include textbooks, uniforms and lab fees. Therefore, the nursing program at CSU will cost residents around $26,000 for the 3 year degree program. CSU - Fresno

California State University at Fresno is another of the top ranked registered nurse schools in California. The Bachelor's degree in this program requires six semesters to complete. Since the amount of interested applicants outnumber the available spots, California State University Fresno requires a minimum GPA of 3.0, although spaces go to people that have the highest GPA's or who've served in the military in the past four years. Applicants also need to complete the TEAS test with a 75 percent and up in order to be allowed entry.

Nursing Schools In Washington State: Scholarships Offered For Graduate Level Nursing Studies

Currently, there is a great need for Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of Washington. This demand for skilled people might be a career opportunity to investigate. The first thing to do is learn what the requirements are to achieve CNA certification or nursing schools in Washington State. The necessity for competent personnel is very high in long term care, in home health care services, and in nursing homes. These places present terrific beginning level jobs for the new CNA to begin a career. The desperate need for trained professionals in this field indicates continued job opportunities.

Around the world and even in America huge number of colleges and schools have come up with training programs to get a CNA certification. If we talk about America, almost every state is having training facilities for nursing assistant. But why opt for an average school when we have an idea about the top 10 CNA schools in the US. As per their ratings derived on the basis of quality of teaching, infrastructure, facilities and chances of getting job on campus, we have a list of 10 top CNA training schools in the US.

They are: University of Washington: Located in Seattle, the school offers best nursing program. As per the US News and world report since 1984, the school has been rated number 1. Graduate, Bachelor's, masters and doctorate programs are offered in Nursing, Nursing Practice and Philosophy in Nursing Science. They use advanced technology to impart quality education.

Additional Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation awards are to be provided through what's known as Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner United Primary Care Outcomes Research awards. This $3,500 award, supported through a grant from Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners United of Washington State), is to be provided to a working nurse practitioner or nursing schools in Washington State. The award is intended to help the recipient carry out a two-year research project related to how primary care provided by by nurse practitioners or nurse midwives affects patients.

John Hopkins University: The nursing school at John Hopkins University located in Baltimore is the oldest school in nursing program. It offers programs like Certification in Health Systems and Outcomes, Acute and Chronic Care and Community-Public Health. University of Michigan: The nursing school in university of Michigan located at An Arbor offers programs in 3 different divisions like Division of Acute-Critical and Long-Term Care Programs, Division of Health and Risk-Reduction Programs, Division of Nursing Business and Health Systems Programs. University of North Carolina: The school of nursing at university of North Carolina is located at Chapel Hill. It imparts nursing education both practically and theoretically. The school offers Bachelor's, masters and doctoral programs in Family Nurse Practitioner, Women's Health and Pediatric Nurse.

Oregon Health and Science University: Located at Jackson Park, Portland, the nursing school at Oregon Health and Science University, imparts knowledge to care patients along with critical thinking skills. The courses offered are Degree in Midwifery, Public Health, Family Practice and Gerontology. University of Illinois: Located in Chicago, the school of nursing at University of Illinois is known as nation's largest medical school. The programs offered are degree in health systems science, behavioral science and family health science. University of Maryland: The nursing school in the University of Maryland is located at Baltimore. Each year more than 1700 students enroll in the school. It offers research oriented programs in the field of Oncology, Anesthesia, Trauma Care and Clinical Research Management. University of Pittsburgh: The nursing school at University of Pittsburg is imparting nursing education since 1939. On an average 94% of the students pass their exams in first trial. The programs offered are in the field of nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist and nurse of anesthesia.

The Registered Nurse Salary Ground Rules

A RN salary is a very good living for many nurses. There is a reason why nurses get paid so well. They have a lot of serious responsibilities that they need to do a good job with. The single most important thing about being a nurse is caring wholeheartedly and professionally for all the patients left in their care.

Rigorous rules are in place in every state for becoming a registered nurse and for nursing as a profession. It is imperative that proper training and education are applied in order to mold a great nurse. Other more personal traits are advised as well such as being very detail oriented, organization skills, a sympathetic ear and a heart to help others. With out the whole combination, it is hard to make a good nurse. A good nurse must also be able to act quickly and appropriately in emergency situations and be able to handle a lot of responsibility.

The nursing profession has grown to be the largest profession in the whole health care sector. Since 2008, there are 2.6 million nurses and counting. Nurses play an important part in the medical industry. There is a real growing need for more registered nurses throughout the whole country. With the baby boomers reaching retirement age, more of them are going to be in need of health care services as they continue to age which will need the nurses to help provide the care. This is not rocket science just common sense. If you have a heart to care for others then get the training you need there is a career waiting for you.

Employment for nurses is expected to continue to grow by twenty two percent continually for the next eight to ten years. That translates into roughly 518,000 more RN's that will be needed by the year 2018. This is good news for a struggling economy and unemployment raging out of control. Those willing to dedicated themselves to this very important work and get the training they need will do well in this industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the ten percent least paid nurses made around 43,000. One the flip side the top ten percent greatest paid nurses brought home a whopping 93,000 plus. Most nurses work within the hospital surgical and general medical fields. These nurses salaries fall in the middle with take home pay at 67,000 per year.

The next largest amount of nurses work for doctors in their offices and earn roughly the same 67,000 a year. Home Health registered nurses earn a little less at 63,000 per year. In an actual nursing home, a nurses salary comes in even lower, at 59,000 per year. In comparison outpatient service nurses earn around 65,000.

These numbers are good earnings yet there are still other industries within the medical field that pay even better salaries. The medical equipment and supplies area of the industry is the highest paying with their yearly wages clocking in at 77,800. The Federal Executive Branch pays out similar salaries at 77,800 a year, respectively.

Even as hiring continues across the country, there will carry forward a need for more registered nurses to care for our citizens. There are places in this country that are still in need of skilled RN's. Planning for tomorrow's future now by getting proper training will prove beneficial. Those special people who have the dedication and heart for this industry are in a unique place to prosper from the nursing boom.